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Networking Creates Lucky Paths

My name is Steve and I have always considered myself good at networking. I was lucky to inherit that skill from my father who has been an entrepreneur since before I was born. My dad owns LA Art Exchange, a custom picture frame store and art gallery in Santa Monica. He is the picture framer…

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Lucky in Life, Lucky in Business

Luck means different things to different people. Some are lucky in business. Others are lucky in love. And others, like long-distance swimmer Steven Robles are lucky to be alive. Robles was an hour into his regular Manhattan Beach swim when he was attacked by a shark last week. Robles was pulled to shore, further extending his…

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Lucky Breaks Impact Business and Life

Basketball wonder Josh McRoberts committed to the Miami Heat yesterday. His actual contract resulted in a four-year, $23 million deal. Talk about lucky breaks! McRoberts has talent, boundless energy, an intense ability to train and withstand the stress of the game, and height. The guy stands 6 foot 10 inches. Yet, no matter how good a player…

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