Lucky Breaks Impact Business and Life

Lucky Breaks in Life and in BusinessBasketball wonder Josh McRoberts committed to the Miami Heat yesterday. His actual contract resulted in a four-year, $23 million deal. Talk about lucky breaks! McRoberts has talent, boundless energy, an intense ability to train and withstand the stress of the game, and height. The guy stands 6 foot 10 inches. Yet, no matter how good a player he may be, luck still plays a role in the course of his life.

The Miami Heat fell apart this season after a missed three-peat. Lucky for McRoberts, the San Antonio Spurs were hungry for a ring in June. Had that not happened, Lebron, Wade and Bosch may have resigned and McRoberts would still be wearing a Bobcats jersey. Now, however, McRoberts is in the limelight, as the Heat secured his contract hoping the move will keep LeBron James in Miami.

The lucky break still goes back to the Spurs win. Had the Heat won a 3rd ring, this would not even be happening.

Lucky breaks can come to all of us. They may come in the form of a chance meeting or from following a friend’s advice. A lucky break could be a won contract (like McRoberts) or from a coincidence that places you in the right place at the right time.

I’ve had my share of lucky breaks.

In fact, this June marked Zeek’s 19th year in business. It’s been quite a ride and ultimately a success. Thomas Edison is quoted as saying “Success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.” I absolutely believe this though I like to throw a small percentage of luck into that equation.

Steve Zehngut - Zengy - and Lucky BreaksLuck is an interesting concept. I don’t view luck as some magic power or superstition that happens on its own. Zeek doesn’t have a rabbit’s foot that we rub each time we send off a proposal. I do have a horseshoe sitting on my bookshelf, but that is just a part of my collection of poker paraphernalia.

Luck is something that you create. In my opinion, luck is the unexpected alignment of the stars resulting from knocking on doors, asking questions, introducing people, sharing knowledge, attending industry events, and a host of other actions. When you put yourself out there, opportunities present themselves. Stars align and luck follows.

Lucky Breaks Are Noted in the Details

A lucky break can show up as a name. At least it did for me.

19 years ago Kevin, my original business partner, and I decided to start a business. The first task at Zeek was to name the company. Many names were debated and I can’t remember a single one. We knew we wanted something short and catchy, but nothing was sticking. After days of brainstorming, we were exhausted. We ended up just taking the initials of our last names and stuck them together: Z&K. We threw 2 E’s in the middle and “ZeeK” was born. (We used to capitalize the K wherever we wrote it.)

In 1995, almost any domain name was available. For only $35/year at Network Solutions, the name was yours. We bought and put the company naming task behind us. Checked it off the list.

Even though “zeek” emerged from exhaustion, it stuck.

Zeek is short and it’s catchy.

It contains a K, also known as a plosive. Any good stand-up comedian will tell you that they select certain words because they contain plosives. Words that contain hard sounds are inherently funny on their own with or without context. This was unintentional, but it works.

Zeek as a lucky breakZeek also rhymes with “geek.” Again, unintentional. I have heard all of the alliterative insults you have in your head right now. Glad you came up with something catchy. Because the truth is that if you remember the name “Zeek” and ultimately hire us, you can call me whatever you want.

Would Zeek have received the same traction if we’d called it Synergy Solutions? Would McRoberts be trending today had the Spurs lost that night? We’ll never know. Luckily we don’t have to find out. Like McRoberts, our name performs well, looks great and we’re committed to it, lucky break or not.

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